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Zhangjiagang Customs and Jingang Customs Visited Shagang for Research

Date:2019-03-30  Admin:gmb

On March 26, accompanied by Ding Yajun, director of the Merchant Bureau of the Metallurgical Industrial Park, Zhangjiagang Customs Commissioner Gu Kezhong, Jingang Customs Commissioner Li Xiaojin and other leaders visited Shagang for research, receiving by Shen Bin, chairman of Shagang International Trade Co., Ltd, Xu Liangqian, general manager, Lu Shidong, general manager of Haili Logistics Co., Ltd. and relevant leaders.

Mr. Gu Kezhong and Mr. Li Xiaojin fully affirmed the achievements of Shagang and elaborated on the establishment of the two customs institutions and the division of functions after the reorganization. They said that this visit aimed to gain a deeper understanding of the problems that frontline companies have in customs business and to discuss future development ideas with companies. They hope to maintain normal contact with Shagang and create a more convenient and efficient customs business environment.

Mr. Shen Bin welcomed the arrival of customs research team. He said that Shagang, as the largest single steel plant in China, has a huge annual throughput. Apart from smooth operation of various internal functional departments, Shagang could not do without full support from relevant external departments such as customs and ports. The customs’ departments have given tremendous support in the import of raw materials, equipment and the export of steel products.

Mr. Shen also said that Shagang will continue to strictly follow the relevant standards and improve the internal control level of import and export customs affairs. Also Shagang would work well to fulfill relevant obligations and strictly obey the customs rules and regulations.

They have conducted deep discussions on the impact of customs procedures and policies on enterprises after the customs institutions reformation. Mr. Gu and Mr. Li along with others answered and dealt with the problems existing in Shagang's current import and export customs and port cargo inspection.

Before the meeting, Mr. Xu Liangqian led customs leaders to visit the production areas such as 5800m³ blast furnace, No.2 workshop of heavy plate, long cold rolling retreat workshop and so on. Meanwhile, he introduced the production, manufacturing and terminal shipping operational situation of Shagang’s steel products in detail.