Deputy Dean of Business School of Nanyang Technological University visited Shagang with His Team

Date:2019-05-03  Admin:gmb

On April 21, professor Lu Jianyou, deputy dean of Business School of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and his delegation visited shagang group to conduct the first overseas study tour for international trade students in China in 2020. Chen Xiaodong, executive director and vice President of the board of directors of Shagang participated in this discussion activity.

  Professor Li Wenqing, director of the Centre of Excellence International Trading of Nanyang Technological University, introduced the purpose and plan of the first experiential learning trip in China.

Nanyang Technological University has conducted such experiential learning trips in Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and other countries and regions, mainly providing overseas studying opportunities related to commodity trading for students of Nanyang Business School and College of Engineering.Shagang is the first station of this experiential learning trip in China.

Nanyang delegation group visited the production area of Shagang. They all said that it was very shocking to watch the process of steel production, which would be a rare opportunity for Singapore students who will come to Shagang to learn about the steel industry. This trip will be of profound significance to the students.

  Shagang group, as one of the corporate partners of NTU, aims to promote mutual communication by providing Singapore students with a comprehensive understanding of China's steel manufacturing industry experience activity, in order to play a part in strengthening the friendly cooperation relations between Singapore and China and adding strength to China's “One Belt One Road” strategy for international cooperation.

The delegation group also visited the Steel and Iron College of Suzhou University. Professor Zhong of the Steel and Iron College of Suzhou University and the other leaders attended the communication meeting.