Shagang International Trade Co., Ltd. is an important participant in iron ore market. More than 60 million tons of annual iron ore trade supply varieties are dominated by mainstream ore, including all kinds of sintered coarse powder, such as Australian Yandi fine, Newman fine, Matcm fine, Pilbarablend fine, Brazilian Carajas fine, all kinds of coarse ores, and mixed ores etc.; Lump ore, such as Australian Newman Mixed lump ore, Pilbarablend lump ore, South African lump ore; Australian iron ore pellet; all kinds of concentrate fines, such as Australian concentrate fines, Peruvian concentrate fines, Chilean concentrate fines, Brazilian concentrate fines, Ukrainian concentrate fines, South African concentrate fines, etc. And it has abundant stock resources in major ports across the country (south to Beilun Port, Zhoushan Port, and Zhanjiang Port, north to Jingtang Port, Caofeidian Port, Dalian Port, Lianyungang Port, Rizhao Port, Qingdao Port, and in the inner port of the Yangtze River).

  Shagang International Trade Co., Ltd. has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with world famous mining companies such as BHP Billiton of Australia, Rio Tinto PLC, FMG and Vale of Brazil. It has signed resource purchase and sales agreements with Mount Roe Mine, Anglo-American Brazil concentrate fine project and CITIC Pacific Australia concentrate powder project, and invested to become the largest shareholder of Australia's most experienced concentrate fine mine -- Australia Grange Resources Ltd., enjoying1 million tons per year equity pellets supply. Many well-known domestic traders have also become good partners of the company.


  Shanghai Genius Trade Co., Ltd. (Genius for short), a subsidiary of Shagang International Trade Company Limited, specialized in silicomanganese, ferrosilicon, ferrochrome, ferromanganese, ferrotungsten, ferromolybdenum, ferrovanadium, ferroniobium and other alloys. Manganese ore is imported from Australia and South Africa and chrome ore from South Africa, Oman, Turkey, Zimbabwe and other countries. The annual trade volume of ferroalloys exceeds 150 thousand tons, the annual trade volume of manganese ore exceeds 200 thousand tons, and the annual trade volume of chrome ore exceeds 150 thousand tons. Relying on the strong financial strength of Shagang Group, through the development of exploration, it has established good cooperative relations with famous foreign mines, large domestic ferroalloy manufacturers and domestic famous steel enterprises. The company has rich reserves of manganese ore and chrome ore in many ports in China, and also has wealth of iron alloy spot stock in Zhangjiagang Jiulong Logistics Park.


  Shagang International Trade Company Limited has a large supply of high-quality coking coal resources, and has established close cooperative relations with well-known coking coal suppliers in Australia, America, Russia, Canada and other countries and regions. With nearly one million tons of domestic and foreign long-coking coal, the annual coking coal trade volume is about 7 million tons. The trade coals mainly include: Grade I coking coal, such as Australia's Peak Downs coking coal, Saraji coking coal, German Creek coking coal, etc.; Grade I+ coking coal, such as the United States' Pinnacle coking coal, Australia's Goonyella coking coal, Peak Downs North coking coal, Hail Creek coking coal, Riverside coking coal, Lake Vermont coking coal, Canada's Elkview coking coal, Standard coking coal, etc.; lean coking coal, such as the United States' Buchanan, Russia's K10, etc.; PCI coal, such as Australia’s South Walker Weak PCI coal, Coppaballa PCI coal.

  The company’s high-quality coking coal resources have been welcomed by customers. In addition to being widely used in the production of Shagang Group Co., Ltd., it is also widely used in Huaigang Special Steel, Anyang Yongxing Steel Plant, Northeast Special Steel and other well-known steel and coking enterprises.


  As China's large electric steel production base, Shagang Group's annual scrap steel demand is 7 million tons, of which annual scrap imports are about 1 million tons, accounting for more than 30% of China's total scrap imports. The company has established close scrap business cooperation relationship with internationally renowned suppliers in the United States, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

  The company owns the international scrap steel products purchased mainly from high-quality scrap steel resources such as shredded scrap, HMS, structural scrap, clip, hot briquetted iron, busheling shindashi, etc. Its business involves the United States, Japan, Australia and other countries.

  The company has the advanced environmental protection inspection equipment and the specialized import scrap steel customs supervision and stacking site, and has equipped with its own import scrap steel unloading wharf, reliable 50000 tons of external ships. The wharf has professional unloading equipment, special hardened storage site, advanced scrap radioactivity detector, and full-view camera monitoring. It can realize strict environmental protection from unloading to loading.